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Halo ODST Helmet

ODST Helmet My ODST helmet is based on a picture i saw on the internet. Im not sure if its an official variation or not. My helmet is made out

Smoke Machine

New Product : Smoke Machine for Cosplay and Props I have been playing around with different air pump, vacuum pump to get the best smoke for the smoke machine. I

Halo Flashbang

Upcoming Product : Halo Flashbang I recently just finished 3d modelling new product related to Halo. You might recognised it from Halo ODST. They have a set of three on

ODST Batch : Delay

ODST Batch : Delay ? Huh ? As you might know, i no longer operating at my home. Waking up with a cat gnawing at your commission armor is not

Store Update : Halo ODST Armor and Patches

Store Update : Halo ODST Patches and Armor Most of you might already know that im offering completed ODST Armor. Starting today , i will also offer RAW foam armor,

[Event] AMG-chan Smoke Workshop

Smoke Workshop at AMG-chan Recently, i attended an event called AMG-chan by Animangaki. I didn't cosplay because i was a part of Craft Lab Malaysia workshop team for both days.

Moving out

Moving out ? For the past 4 years, I stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony that always littered with cigarettes butts from god knows where. I live

New Workshop !

New Workspace Soon ! As some might know, i operate at home. I live in a serviced apartment. It's all good until i need to use the rotary tool or

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