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Store Update : Halo ODST Armor and Patches

Store Update : Halo ODST Patches and Armor Most of you might already know that im offering completed ODST Armor. Starting today , i will also offer RAW foam armor,

[Event] AMG-chan Smoke Workshop

Smoke Workshop at AMG-chan Recently, i attended an event called AMG-chan by Animangaki. I didn't cosplay because i was a part of Craft Lab Malaysia workshop team for both days.

Moving out

Moving out ? For the past 4 years, I stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony that always littered with cigarettes butts from god knows where. I live

New Workshop !

New Workspace Soon ! As some might know, i operate at home. I live in a serviced apartment. It's all good until i need to use the rotary tool or

Hazer Smoke Kit Now Available !

Hazer Smoke Kit Are Now Available ! The Hazer smoke kit are now available in my store . Adding smoke really amplifies the visual effect in a costume or prop.

Hazer Smoke Kit

Hazer Smoke Kit I was experimenting with new smoke machine lately. New one should produce lot's more smoke even at the same ohm with the previous smoke machine at 3.7v.

Warhammer 40K Costume Stand

Warhammer 40K Costume Stand After 3 months, i still have no progress with my Warhammer 40K cosplay. During that time, it has been sitting on the floor at a corner.

Johann Krauss Smoke Machine

Johann Kraus Smoke Machine The most common way most cosplayer and prop maker use to add smoke to their project is using cartomizer. It's pretty simple realy . Instead of

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