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DJ Plugman TV Head is done !

DJ Plugman TV Head for Air Gear Cosplay Main construction is 5mm foam. Grille and knobs are 3d printed. Front display is made of smoke 3mm acrylic with car tint.

TV Head – DJ Plugman From Air Gear

DJ Plugman's Tv Head from Air Gear I was looking for a cosplay that is easy to fabricate and casual than my usual cosplay. It's also a good practice for

Halo ODST Helmet

ODST Helmet My ODST helmet is based on a picture i saw on the internet. Im not sure if its an official variation or not. My helmet is made out

Smoke Machine

New Product : Smoke Machine for Cosplay and Props I have been playing around with different air pump, vacuum pump to get the best smoke for the smoke machine. I

Halo Flashbang

Upcoming Product : Halo Flashbang I recently just finished 3d modelling new product related to Halo. You might recognised it from Halo ODST. They have a set of three on

ODST Batch : Delay

ODST Batch : Delay ? Huh ? As you might know, i no longer operating at my home. Waking up with a cat gnawing at your commission armor is not

Store Update : Halo ODST Armor and Patches

Store Update : Halo ODST Patches and Armor Most of you might already know that im offering completed ODST Armor. Starting today , i will also offer RAW foam armor,

[Event] AMG-chan Smoke Workshop

Smoke Workshop at AMG-chan Recently, i attended an event called AMG-chan by Animangaki. I didn't cosplay because i was a part of Craft Lab Malaysia workshop team for both days.

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