Johan Krauss Cosplay Update


As you can see on the right, the helmet is 3d printed. The helmet was intended to be molded but I’m having a problem getting silicone rubber and casting resin. Most likely i will reprint the helmet again with thinner wall and the vent outlets modeled into it.

Smoke generator

Smoke generator version 2 works fine but i made a mistake of combining the electronics section next to the  oil tank. Even with gasket paper, the oil seep into the electronic section.

Version 3 is technically the same as version 2 , but with added a battery pack and switches.

Currently making a version 4 where the oil tank is on its own casing, the battery and electronics have their own casing.

Main change is the oil tank is printed with ABS with the hope it can withstand the heat better from the heating element.

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