Johann Krauss Smoke Machine

Johann Kraus Smoke Machine

The most common way most cosplayer and prop maker use to add smoke to their project is using cartomizer. It’s pretty simple realy . Instead of sucking air from the top of cartomizer , we use an air pump to push the air from the bottom upwards. Video below is the first smoke machine i made using a vape cartomizer and an air pump. Enclosed, the airpump noise has decreased quite a lot.

Unlike the version using cartomizer, I used a 1.2ohm vape coil and wired it to be controlled by a relay via Arduino. Main different is, it will no longer using an air-pump but a cooling fan instead. It produced a lot more airflow to the coil. 

First version. I made one based on small smoke generator for scaled model railroad building chimney. Testing the coil with an air pump.
The helmet vacuum formed visor. This is where the smoke will stay. INSIDE the dome.

We have volume but when using a fan , it need an open intake from the juice compartment. This means, if I bend down, the liquid could go out from the cooling fan intake hole. Im sure i can make this work anyway but im lazy . Hahaha

Introducing the Wotofo Bravo RTA. It has rebuildable coil deck and three times capacity than a cartomizer that i used.  Instead of an air pump , I used a radial fan.  I 3d model and printed an adapter for the fan airflow. It works perfectly. I might need to add a speed controller to the fan tho.

Sorry for the dark video. It was around 10pm when i took the video with all the lights open xD . I will make another post when i snapped better picture and video.

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