Mouse Droid : Making the shell

Mouse Droid : Making The Shell

Someone recently asked about my work in progress pictures for my mouse droid foam shell. Apparently i didn’t upload the pictures anywhere. So here it is. I used 5mm foam and popsicle sticks as reinforcements. This keeping the shell straight and still lightweight. 

 Greeblies and side boards parts are 3D printed. Main side boards are lasercut 2mm acrylic.  After the shell is done fabricated, i used latex glue to seal it at least 3 coats before painting.

You can download the template here. Template consist of foam template to make the shell, reference template for sideboards, both IC chips 3d model, bumper 3d model and sideboard heatsink 3d model. Top greeblies are available at Mouse Droid Builders Club forum.

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