ODST Build Update : Foam Vest and Add-On 3D Printed Parts

ODST Update : Foam Vest and 3D Printed Parts

This is from my personal armor. It has slightly differences compared to the pre-order batches armor. The helmet is slightly modded too and i added a 3d printed light module at the side. It can hold one 18650 battery to power its own lights and as power supply for the helmet internal fans. Ah yes. I also 3d printed a SMG , 50cal shotgun shell and two grenade.

I still have no access to a laser cutter at the moment so i had to manually cut the chest piece , left shoulder and the foam vest. I haven’t do this for years. Im surely out of practice . Can’t even cut the paper template straight ! xD

Note : To ODST preorder  , you will get the same foam vest instead of FSBE vest. I had a few complain that FSBE is hard to work with.

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