Star Wars Pre Vizsla Darksaber

Star Wars Pre Vizsla Darksaber

A year ago , i made the acrylic blade for Pre Vizsla darksaber. I never did finished the hilt. Now , I 3D modeled a new hilt  for the blade. The hilt can hold the blade, a 5degree lens, Luxeon Rebel 20mm LED , 2watt resistor , 18650 battery and a 1amp usb charger. I only recently using 18650 battery for my props and cosplay so the 1amp micro-usb charger is a great addition. This way , I don’t need to open the hilt to charge the battery. 

Raw print and acrylic blade will be available in the shop for purchase. Do note that this will be made-to-order and will have to wait to be printed depending on my printing job queue.

Printing in progress
Silver on/off button
Spot putty
3rd layer of filler primer and sanding
Ready for final primer
Primer and ready for wet sanding

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