Star Wars Rolling BB-8

Star Wars Rolling BB-8 Droid

All of my full scale props droids that i build so far are with foam and reinforced with craft sticks. For this particular project , everything is 3D Printed. After two different spheres, the current sphere I used is Vonjet Sphere; a unique unibody with no inner skeleton panel. As for the drive , I have made 3 different versions of my own which all end up in disaster.  Now, i have 3 sets of different motors and parts collecting dust. I decided that im not cut out to design a complicated mechanism and get a rolling proven design instead. Both Vonjet Sphere and Joe Drive is available for download at BB-8 Builder forum.

Balancing a 300gram dome on top of a rolling 50cm sphere is not easy task. If you are making your own, prepare for lot’s of work and headache xD . If you want a head-start with your own project, my personal BB-9E sphere is available in the shop.

3D printed remote
OLED display to provide basic informations
Sphere in the work. More sanding needed.
Dome and skirt received its first filler primer
Packages from US
These are very high quality motors than what im used to
The drive 3d printed parts
The almost assembled drive system.Bottom weight will be added before final assembly.
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