Warhammer 40 Build – Shoulder Joint

Warhammer 40K Shoulder Joint

When my Warhammer 40K Castellan Crowe build reach the shoulder section. I always wondered how to get it firmly attached to the chest while maintaining movement.  I looked around other builders in Obscurus Crusade and i found one that i liked. Drakmar’s Foundry made a universal joint with 20mm and 25mm pvc pipe. Being an lazy ass , I search thingiverse for universal joint 3d model and modified them. 

Drakmar's Foundry pvc pipe shoulder joint
My 3D Printed version. Pardon the extra long bolt xD. I just use whatever length i have on hand .

I made the top fork to have a flat surface for gluing it to the inside of the shoulder and the bottom fork with a 26mm tube so it can fit a the 15mm pvc pipe coming out from the chest sides. The shoulder joint slide in nicely and hold it’s position quite well. My right side shoulder bell is twice heavier than the left side. Weighting 1.5kg. The joint has no problem supporting it. 

If you want to print your own shoulder joint , head ahead here. Print two sets of them. I recommend 25% infill . Do not resize. The screw needed is M6 x 15mm . After inserting the screw, apply superglue to the printed part where the bolt head is. I didn’t use any nut for this since the model holes are slightly smaller than the bolt size to make it tight fit.

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