Warhammer 40K Blade of Antwyr

Warhammer 40K - Blade of Antwyr

Ahh yes. The dark Blade of Antwyr wielded by Castellan Crowe. I need one for my warhammer cosplay and for unknown reason, getting additional pictures or close-up for this sword is hard unlike other swords. So i just wing it. According to the picture reference, the sword is almost as tall as Crowe himself making this a new challenge on it’s own.

Picture is from https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Grey-Knights-Castellan-Crowe-2017

I started off with tracing the sword from a reference picture and adjust for its angle so it will be straight. Using the template , i cut 5mm foam and glue them together. It has three parts. The handle , and two halves of the sword itself.


I was rushing to finish this for an event so i don’t really have a step by step pictures for it.

In this picture, I added the lasercut star thingy for it’s cross guard and sanded the handle to make it round with a power sander . 60 grit does wonders. 


I used masking tape to gauge and how to make the piece to make it bigger. Then i transfer the paper to foam and cut them out.


The sword has a nice purple-ish glow to it. I wanted to install LED strips inside the blade to make it glow. That means I have to cut the shape out.

I manage to get the shape roughly vectored and printed it out and resize it to fit my foam blade.


I trace the vector print-out to the foam sword with silver marker and cut them at an angle with xcto-knife. It took a while to get done but im satisfied.

Main problem with cutting holes in the middle of a blade is , it makes it flimsy . So i superglue some of the area where it’s close to each other.

Adding the gem on the star thingy. I 3d model a hollow gem and get them printed by CraftLabMalaysia with white filament. No infill and only 3 shells. There will be a small led strip inside the gem.


What you might not see is , in this picture, there’s more work has been done.

The handle has been attached. Two of 5mm dowels in the blade and 10mm dowel in the handle. Some craft sticks in the cross guard.As for reinforcing the blade design cut-out, i bought some translucent purple plastic sheets.

Lastly, picture beside showing the blade is sealed with latex glue. waiting for it to dry.

Again, i totally forgot to snap some pictures while im trying to get this sword done. Below is the finished Sword of Antwyr. The battery and switch is located inside cross guard. I ran out of purple led so i switch to blue instead. It’s bright enough to be visible in broad daylight too ! 

Overall , im quite happy with it but surely will revisit this again someday.

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