Ghostbusters Proton Pack Upgrade

Ghostbusters Proton Pack Upgrade

A friend of mine is a very big fan of Ghostbusters and have his own proton pack replica. His pack is 8 years old now ! I helped him adding the audio , lights and smoke for the warning purge. I tried to do it myself but ended up a few weeks of frustration . I used up CountDeMonet from GB Forum for the arduino code. I changed a few codes here and there.  If you are interested in the arduino file , its here.

Anyway , the design uses lots of WS2812 leds and led array for the wand bargraph. I added two channel relay for the smoke machine and another button for the theme song. It now can play two songs instead of one. 

I have more plan but i’ll keep that for my own proton pack in the future. 

The proton pack
The electronics. 100W amp, DC Buck, Arduino Nano and Adafruit Soundboard
Rat's nest
The Smoke machine, relay , fan and air pump
Adding animated led array instead of static led
Wand - warning sequence
Wand - idle mode

Vent sequence mode

When the warning mode is hold, smoke machine will continue making smoke . Upon release, it goes into vent mode where a 40mm fan blow all the smoke kept in the Nfilter out and turn on white light to make it visible.

The smoke machine is nothing more a vape cartomizer with an airpump pushing air into the cartomizer. Main problem with cartomizer i used, the juice inlet is at the bottom so i cant mount it upside down resulting the smoke need to travel further from the cartomizer to the Nfilter casing . I will try to get my hands on Kangertech T2 like what most people use in their cosplay. Top coil with long wick allow it to be mounted upside down and eliminate the use of long air pipe.

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