How do I make the ODST Hex Visor

Halo ODST Hex Visor

The concept of the hex visor is very simple. Have you seen an illuminated signage at shops where only the words are lighted up and the rest just glow ? This visor are made with the same concept. It’s called Edge-Lit. Commonly used for signage and premium gifts but at a smaller scale. 

The name says it all. The led is added at the edge of the engraved acrylic / glass. Any engraved part will be lit up and the rest will just glow. For my ODST helmet, i used a 2mm acrylic , laser cut it to shape and laser engrave the hex pattern to it. 

Laser engraving 2mm aclear acrylic
Laser cut and engraving is done !
Close-up to the laser engraved visor acrylic

In the picture on the left, you can see i also added a fan facing toward the visor. Why ? By doing this, you will easily avoiding visor fogging when you wear your helmet. Provided the helmet get enough ventilation that is. The other two fans bring fresh air from the vents outside.

The RGB led’s are located at the top of the visor. Glued to the edge. I also added a 10mm foam strip to avoid direct glare from the led.

In this picture, you can see the LED strip and controller receiver location.

Both the led and fans are 5v and powered by a single 18650 battery located in the sidelight module. There’s also a voltage regulator inside so i can control the voltage. 

i found out the LED works even at 3v. The fans speed decreases at lower voltage and stopped at 3v.

Test Video

One question I got all the time about the visor is , “I bet it’s hard to see through” . Why ? It’s clear visor . The hex pattern is big . It’s the same like looking through a wire net on your door / window. To some people, the glare might be annoying after a few hours but it’s still very easy to see through the visor.

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