Star Wars Darksaber V2

Star Wars Darksaber V2

Last year , I made a darksaber but the hilt broke due to printing it in two halves. Had to do that because i only have a small 3d printer. I now have access to bigger printer and 3D modeled a new version. I still using acrylic blade so it’s only for display / cosplay. You can’t duel with it.

Main different between the first version and second version are

  • Hilt is in one piece
  • 16mm latching switch
  • USB charger and full charge indicator led
  • Slightly longer acrylic blade

I will be offering the darksaber in raw 3d printed kit. All electronics and blade are included. Raw 3d print kit means its out of the printer. No paint and not assembled. Assembly guide will be provided. Minor soldering are required.

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