Warhammer 40K Costume Stand

Warhammer 40K Costume Stand

After 3 months, i still have no progress with my Warhammer 40K cosplay. During that time, it has been sitting on the floor at a corner. My cat has been using it as playground and there’s cat fur everywhere. After being scolded, I decided to make a stand for it. Not only it will keep the cat away , ability to clean that particular corner , it also looks cool xD

The stand is made with 25mm PVC pipes , 6 piece of tee’s and 2 piece of elbow . The base is a tee’s that directly bolted to the wooden stilt. Most of the pieces are not glue’d together for easy removable.

I did a small change to the stilt position. It was at the center and now it was slightly offset to the inside to make walking easier.  Less gorilla walk ! xD . Still printing a new corner stilt bracket. The stilt height will be increased another 10cm.

I did the arms and bolter but decided to redo them. I’s way too bulky to move in . Will make a space marine arms instead and a different weapon as backup.

The sword is hard to control due to its weight and length xD

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