DJ Plugman TV Head is done !

DJ Plugman TV Head for Air Gear Cosplay

Main construction is 5mm foam. Grille and knobs are 3d printed. Front display is made of smoke 3mm acrylic with car tint. The LED matrix is 11 pixels by 10 pixels, casing is 3d printed and the led are WS2812B strip. A small fan is behind the grille for ventilation. It’s not strong but enough to keep air from outside moving inside.

The red headphone is a functional bluetooth headphone. Not sure why i got it but it’s there. Maybe listen to music while cosplay ? Hahaha. If you noticed the small hole beside the knobs, thats the hole for the action camera. Yup, the led matrix is not see through. I need to look down to the action camera 2inch lcd display to see where am i going. Another option is to have a 4″ lcd connected to the TV-out.

Power. How to power this TV Head.  i prefer not to have a powerbank right beside my head so i add a micro usb adapter at the back.

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