DJ Plugman LED Matrix V2

DJ Plugman LED Matrix V2

Main problem with the previous version led matrix is you will need a camera and screen of some sort to see out. I used an action camera but due to the camera wide angle, it make walking with take quite some time to get used to. I kept bumping into things at first.

I did a daft punk helmet led matrix few years back and figured i might as well do something similar. First up is bumping the resolution from 110pixel to 288pixel. Instead of using a WS2812 led strip, I used individual addressable 5MM led instead. Soldering these in is not fun. Each led has 4 terminals means it take twice longer than normal led.  The led are wired the same way as a led strip would. 

So, what about the action camera ? In this version , there are not needed since this led matrix is see through ! Just focus where you seeing pass the led just like when you looking through a window grille.

Lasercut 1mm acrylic. The holes will be where the LED stays.
A single row has 18 leds
All 288 leds wired up
Led Matrix v2 is see through !

LED Matrix V1

LED Matrix V2

With more resolution, making more complex animation frame is possible. I will be experimenting with a LED controller soon instead of using arduino. Hoping to utilize more leds.

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