[Event] AMG-chan Smoke Workshop

Smoke Workshop at AMG-chan

Recently, i attended an event called AMG-chan by Animangaki. I didn’t cosplay because i was a part of Craft Lab Malaysia workshop team for both days. I conducted the smoke machine for cosplay and props. Turn out was great ! Slots was sold out very fast and we manage to get some contacts for people who interested in future sessions. Craft Lab Malaysia also will be focusing on other cosplay related workshops in the future !

Thanks for the layout, AMG-chan crew ! Our booth is located at the end of the second hall, not freezing cold and very quiet . This make conducting a workshop easier. There’s two hall in total, where the first one hold the stage activities and another hall is for exhibitor/doujin booths. Separating the hall in this way makes things less chaotic and organized. I hope more event in the future will have something similar. 

Honestly, this was my first time conducting a workshop. I usually do everything on my own and doesn’t really keep documentation on how thing goes. I definitely gain new experience and learn a few things thanks to this opportunity. The workshop run smoothly but there is a lot of room to improve especially my social skills and speech ability . Hahaha.

Sorry for the lack of pictures due i was so busy for both days and didn’t even have time to take out my camera !

3D printed Ark Reactor MK1 with lasercut frame

Animangaki mascot Kei-chan with my Star Wars MSE-6 Mouse Droid having a face-off. Credit to SiteInRelief

Smoke machine workshop supplies

Smoke machine workshop in progress. Credit to The Magic Rain.

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