Moving out

Moving out ?

For the past 4 years, I stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment with a balcony that always littered with cigarettes butts from god knows where. I live in the master bedroom and the other room became the machine room where the 3D printer and laser cutter is. Living room became the work area and the wet kitchen area became the spray booth. When im moving out, scrubbing the 4 year old paint stain isn’t easy . Hahaha. Doing anything isn’t easy due to the smell, noise and dust and still being reasonable for your neighbours.

Now, Im officially moved in the new place. Well, kinda. The machine room is still a mess . The main center area is a rental space for DIY workshop classes ran by a someone else, two rooms at the back as the machine room and fabrication (for sanding and spray painting) and the front side as the clean fabrication or office.  For once, i will have a proper space to work.

Currently housing two person and one more will be joining soon. With their help, hopefully i will be able to push out the ODST batch by end of this month and start focusing on a different products to make.  Do keep an eye on my instagram for updates.

There’s some people opted out from the ODST batch so it’s now opened back for pre-order ! Get em while it’s available ! If you unable to purchase at full price, No worries. I accept installment payment too ! Please email me at for more detail.

The move took longer than i initially expected but lets hope for a better year ! As for Etsy, I will get it back running soon but only will list the smaller things. Full armors listing will only be available here in the shop


Full Steam Ahead !

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