New Workshop !

New Workspace Soon !

As some might know, i operate at home. I live in a serviced apartment. It’s all good until i need to use the rotary tool or any other power tools which is loud and spray paint the armors which is dusty and smelly fume lingering around for some time. I make things in quantity so you can imagine how bad the situation is at the back kitchen. After 6 years, it’s time upgrade. No more messy house and officially full time in this ! YAY !

The space will shared with another business. It has a DIY spray booth to spray 2K primers and a big ventilation fan with filters at the back means i finally can spray paint in peace. Best part is , i can finally hire help.  I hate strangers in my home. Hahaha.

Anyway , for local people in Petaling Jaya Selangor ,  here are the things that we will offer in the future.

  • Medium Density Foam in various thickness. 
  • Monthly hands-on workshop for cosplay related technique by invited instructor
  • If you are interested in making your own mini smoke machine for cosplay or props, I will be conducting hands-on workshop from time to time. All material are included.
  • 3D Printing props or greeblies for your costume
  • If you need lots of dragon scales, feathers or leaf shape 2mm foam for detailing ,we can lasercut them. 
  • Larp and con safe weapon props. This is still under research phase but this will definitely be Shiroppi DIY main product in the future.

That’s a lot bigger than my 240sqft working space at the moment. Hopefully i can move in before end of the month. 

The shop is still under construction making repairs, additional wiring, changing all lights to LED lights , etc.

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