ODST Helmet redesign and Flashbang

ODST Helmet Redesign and Flashbang

The first time i did the custom-ish ODST helmet is with foam. Im really bad with curved so the foam doesn’t really shaped properly at the back. So i decided to get it 3d printed instead. This same helmet will then be silicon molded and casted with high impact resistance resin. Visor will be vacuum formed.

All people who had helmets option with their ODST batch order will get this cast helmet.

Flashbang Grenade

ODST have these flashbang grenades on their hip piece. I will add lights with fade-in and out effect. All three piece will share the same battery so there will be wire going in and out between them. The lens will be printed in clear filament and painted yellow.

Batch order get these too !

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