ODST Batch : Delay

ODST Batch : Delay ? Huh ?

As you might know, i no longer operating at my home. Waking up with a cat gnawing at your commission armor is not fun. I planned the financial, work load and also time i would need for my work (a different business). I took bigger commission , hired workers and everything works well for the first few months.

What i never calculated is the risk of firing the current workers and not able to get better ones. Not only the previous part-timers waste my time, also materials and money. It causes my commission schedule to go way off since whatever they handle, are needed to be redo. 

As the time im writing now, I no longer have workers and work alone on commission after work hours. Im doing a workload that supposed to be for 4 people. I will try to cover all workload as soon as possible without dropping quality. I still have a long way to go. Im 3d printing some parts to lighten my load rather than fabricating everything myself. Also , i just finished 3d modelling a Halo Flashbang and will be including a raw 3d printed flashbang for all current ODST armor client.

I have big plans next year and hopefully things will change for the better.

Please email me if you have anymore question regarding your order. If you wanted to opt out and go into the refund list, please email me too.

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