Pos Malaysia is Offline !

Pos Malaysia is Offline !

It has come to my attention that orders that was sent out recently having problem with checking tracking and other services. Even their website is offline. This is the link I used to instruct client to check their tracking. It appears as 404 error. After contacting the customer service number, apparently it’s not just the website is Offline, its their entire system. Meaning, all the recent order are done manually until their system is back on-line.

Do note that i have no control of any delays made by the shipping provider. The best website that works  better is this one PosLaju. It does still doesn’t load sometimes. Try again in half an hour.

Tracking link that i often used

Other pages are not available too. Sometimes it loads , sometime i doesn’t. 


Another service by Pos Malaysia but the tracking for International Parcel works here too.

Here’s the official statement from Pos Malaysia official facebook page and link for the news from The Star. Despite saying they already rectify their system, the website is still a mess and i still having problem tracking till now .  All the screenshot is taken today (28th Oct 19).

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