Store Update : Halo ODST Armor and Patches

Store Update : Halo ODST Patches and Armor

Most of you might already know that im offering completed ODST Armor. Starting today , i will also offer RAW foam armor, ODST patches , ODST patches set and ODST buckle. More detail below !

ODST Patches

ODST Patches Set

These are laser cut and engraved 3mm medium density foam. If your own ODST armor, this patches set are the one for you. You can even  customize it to your preference such as blood type, gamer / ID tag or even adding QR Code !

Get them here

If what you are looking for are just the ODST patches  and not the whole set , get this one instead. These are made the same way as the set. You will get 2pcs.

Get them here

ODST Patches x 2pcs

ODST Foam Armor

Version 1 to 3

Lastly, the whole armor ! Unlike my previous 4 batches, this last batch will have slightly change. Previous batch armor uses a FSBE body armor for the chest, back and stomach set to be fixed to the body armor. Meanwhile the last batch has a foam vest. Chest piece size is slightly smaller. All the pieces that goes to the vest is glued. So no worries pieces falling on you. Easier to wear too !

Version 4 (latest)

The buckle is 3d printed with high infill and shell to make them strong instead of two pieces of lasercut acrylic (they break quite easy). I also added options for LED. All the led are led strip with 3d printed casing giving them a nice even glow.  

As for the template used, most are the same just with minor changes and size adjustment to make things fit better. I get this question quite often on what did i used for undersuit. It’s just a normal black long sleeve t-shirt and black pants. As usual , most of the pieces especially detail parts made with a laser cutter providing precise cut and engraving.

3d printed Needler
3d printed SMG

Talking about 3D print, there’s also an option for 3d printed weapons for your ODST. They are raw print tho.


Only till 1st June 2019 , Im offering free shipping and 100usd discount on ODST armor compared to my Etsy store ! Get them here

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