TV Head – DJ Plugman From Air Gear

DJ Plugman's Tv Head from Air Gear

I was looking for a cosplay that is easy to fabricate and casual than my usual cosplay. It’s also a good practice for my cosplay partner. She’s experience in sewing but not in foam armor fabrication. 

Construction is made of 5mm medium density foam. Reinforced with craft sticks on the inside.

I will be incharge of making the electronics. The led matrix consist of WS2812B led strip , the led housing is 3d printed. TV head screen is made of smoke color 3mm acrylic. The knob and grille is 3d printed too.

So, how do you see out of this ? Thru an action camera that is. For your information, I will be offering this on my store soon.

Functional bluetooth headphone !
Below the headphone hole, panel for animation switches
Knobs, Grille and Switch Panel is 3d printed
Adjustable head harness
LED matrix and 12v fan for ventilation. The hole is for the action camera lens.
LED Matrix default animation

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