January Shop Update

ODST Batch January Update

Bunches of ODST Batch order will be sent out end of this month ! Except the ones with helmet. As i mentioned before, all people that have helmet as add-on, will get an upgrade from foam helmet to resin helmet.

At where i live, there’s no Smooth On store or any physical shop that carries gallon size, so it had to be ordered. Shipping came in batch every 3 months. I ordered last month and is expected to arrive mid to end of February. I will contact the supplier again in two weeks time for update.

Currently two of my 3d printer is out of commission and still waiting for replacement parts. One of them should arrive today. Will resume printing those Magnums and it’s holster.

Some parts took longer because i tend to make adjustment as i go in order to fix whatever things im not satisfied with my own ODST armor. Someone said I gotta stop doing this but i want to make sure my clients get better armor than what I had. 

I will be off the grid for a while seeing i will be very busy with work , commission and also preparation for a booth  at an upcoming convention. I already did sleep at work for a few days lately due to work load. I will try to check email once a while whenever i have free time. Making 30 sets alone at one time that was meant for a group of 4 is pure insanity. xD

I emailed the same status update and might forgot to email some people due to me rushing. Please email me again so i know who didn’t get this notice. 

I still have 9 sets available for the same batch. If you are interested, let me know !

What else ?

Im now offering other costumes that i made before for commission. There’s no batch and made-to-order. I just added Dr.Who Cybermen and Titanfall IMC Pilot to my shop. If you are interested in those, do head over to the store !

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