Dr.Who : Cybermen

Portfolio : Dr.Who Cybermen

  • Series : Dr.Who
  • Character : Cybermen

This is one of the super quick project i made for a convention. It took me 4 days to get it done and i actually missed the convention. Hahaha. I arrived when it was almost closed on the first day. I went and wear the costume anyway and only manage to get one picture. I sold the costume afterwards since im not particularly satisfied with the result. Till now, i never had the time to remake this .Hahaha

This is 100% hand cut unlike most of my armors. There’s a template in RPF and i use the same template to make this. I only use 4mm medium density foam with this. I went ahead with a battle damaged version with exposed wires to cover. The rust color is mixed of salt for texture, acrylic paint – Burn Sienna and Raw Amber. The pipes used are 15mm OD PVC pipes.

Hip joint is a recycled from bottle cap and its holder. This makes walking easy. The COD will hold the thigh piece together and move when walking.

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