Portfolio : Dr.Who Dalek

Portfolio : Dr.Who Dalek

  • Series : Dr.Who
  • Prop Name : Dalek

As a Dr.Who fan, I made a full size dalek based on BBC plans and with the help from Project Dalek Forum, I managed to build this in one month time. To cut fabrication time, i went the foam route. Problem with using foam, it needed lots of reinforcement. Some parts are lasercut acrylic,  3d printed master mold and resin casts. Inspired by Ironside Dalek, I painted him with Krylon Ultra Flat Olive and Flat Black.

As usual, the microcontroller is a EZ-Robot. Controlling two single h-bridge drive for to side head movement and up/down eye stalk movement, a MDD10A motor driver  for the dual power window motor as the ‘tank style’ drive system. The EZB also control the lights and audio.  Getting the light to blink according to its audio level took some time to script but totally worth it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get a proper pictures taken. A photoshoot kept getting delays till i had to let him go. Maybe i will make another one in the future but it will be half scale. A full scale is way to big for my home. Should have thought of that first, Huh ..  Hahaha

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