Portfolio : Halo ODST MK2

Portfolio : Halo ODST MK2

  • Series : Halo ODST
  • Character : ODST

Method on making this version of costume is the same with the first version. All pieces are laser cut foam and some details are laser engraved into the foam. Foam used are medium density 5mm and 3mm. Main different from the first version is the vest. In this version, the vest is made of foam instead of using FSBE vest. It’s a little bit hot but still comfortable to wear.

The SMG, M90 grenade are 3d printed. Flash grenade are made of foam. Helmet get the same construction where it has a led hex pattern visor with additional light module on the side. Helmet has 3 of 5v fans inside to keep me cool enough and keep the helmet visor from fogging. All electronics on the helmet is powered by a single 18650 battery inside the light module.

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