Halo ODST Cosplay Foam DIY Kit or Finished Option


This listing is for a set of Halo ODST Armor Costume. You can purchase them in DIY version or Ready-to-Wear version. More details below.

NOTE : Picture is an example how it can look like after painting and strapping.

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This listing is for a set of Halo ODST Armor Costume. You can choose from DIY Kit version where the armor is fabricated and sealed or Ready-To-Wear version where the armor is completed including strapping. You just need to do some adjustment.

Foam used are combination of various thickness medium density foam, laser cut to shape. Patches are laser engraved. Some parts are 3d printed. For DIY kit, the armor is assembled, sealed with latex glue but not painted. You will have to do all the painting, strapping yourself. Perfect for those who just want to start cosplay. Measurements in the gallery are the actual measurements of the armor pieces, they are fixed size and mostly single sided. Should fit anyone with average build and height of 165 to 180cm just fine. Picture is an example how it can look like after painting and strapping. Last two picture are example on how the fabricated foam pieces looks like.

The costume consist of

  • Chest and back / Vest
  • Shoulder  1 pair
  • Gauntlet x 1 par
  • Waist x 1 set
  • COD x 1 set
  • Side waist x 1 pair
  • Thigh x 1 pair
  • Shin x 1 pair
  • 26mm wide straps x 2 meter
  • Foam Patches set x 1 set
  • Raw 3D Printed ODST Bullet and Buckle set x 1set
  • Raw 3D Printed Magnum and Holster
  • Raw 3D Printed Flashbang (no electronics)
  • Raw 3D Printed chest mini pouch (non functional)

NOTE : Helmet and backpack is not included. Helmet is available as add-on. This is a pre-order batch, not ready stock. Only order if you are wiling to wait. Estimated time is end of December 2019 or January 2020. Upgrade to finished/painted ready to wear will add another one month to the estimated delivery time. All sales are final. Raw 3d printed means it’s fresh out of the printer with minor cleaning.

NOTE : This is the last batch of Halo ODST i will ever made. I’ve made 3 batches so far and wanted to move to a different project starting next year.



Shipping Time : Allow 5-7 working days for handling process AFTER the armor is finished fabricated. Country of origin is Malaysia, Asia. Average shipping time for any international address via Pos Malaysia International Air Parcel is between 12 to 16 working days if there’s no delay from your country Customs. All order has tracking provided.

Tracking : Pos Laju Malaysia Track & Trace 

All sales are final. Please check the description before purchasing.

Delivery Time ?

This listing is for Pre-Order Batch : Means you are purchasing a slot to get an armor set that was made in a  single batch. Hence why the time to fabricate them. Every part is made in batches. For example, shin piece. I will be making 30sets of shin piece before moving to a different part. Everyone will get their order sent out at the same time.